Jasafotojakarta.com is an online photography service provider who are ready to help those who need photography services for the benefit of your business or your special event. Quite a lot of photographic services that we offer to you. One of it is particular photography of cake. This service that we offer is well suited for those who want to hire the services of our cake-photographer to produce a product photo of your homemade cake. For you –the online cake business owner.  do not need to doubt about our quality because we have proven to provide the best service to all our clients.  many of our clients Already have used our services. one of The advantages of our cake photographer Jakarta team is able to produce high-quality photo output. High-Quality image results including:

Clear and detail image result that resembles the original cake

Anyone who saw the photo camera shots of our cake photographers will surely be tempted. Photo of cake that we produce absolutely resembles to the original cake, especially in terms of color. Results are also clear and detail.

Object image taken from the right angle

Our Cake photographer know about where the angle of the cake object to be photographed. Tips to take pictures of objects in the form of a cake or other foods is take the angle parallel to the object so that the result will look more attractive. You may take a slightly higher angle of the object to expose the entire piece of cake ,this second option is equally good results.

Photo seems beautiful because of fair lighting

One important element in the photo shoot is light. Sufficient light would make the cake the object can be targeted clearly by your camera. With adequate lighting, your camera may also focus when photographed. ‘Lightning’ in photography is divided into two types, namely natural light (sunlight) and artificial light such as a lamp.  if the lighting is using lamps we have the technique that makes the shooting has good quality as when using natural light. One trick in photographing a cake or any object  by the light is do not take pictures of objects in front of the light because it will be visible that the object being illuminated by lights.

The images according to the client’s request

You want the objects of image that look intact? You want the images of photos that look far or near? You like the photo that looks detail? You want the photo of some other objects as a sweetener? Whatever the criteria of your order, we are ready to help you. Our Cake photographer assisted by an assistant photographer and food-stylist will always be ready to produce the image that you want.