architectural photographer jakarta can help you to create professional photo of the architecture of building.  Architecture photos of the building  is important for many function that will be able to support your business. To Make an impressive and attractive photos is certainly not an easy  thing to do. Jasafotojakarta will help you  to make an  images of architecture and buildings with more artistic results. If you want to know more about how a professional photographer can produce a picture of the building that able to increase the artistic value of the architecture of the building, these are the following tips and tricks to produce a picture of the architecture professionals.

Lighting levels

In  photography, the lighting level is very important thing to be considered. So that when a photographer will take a picture of a building, don’t take it perfunctory. Differences in the level of lighting and lighting direction will determine the contrast of the image of a building. In addition, the lighting will also determine the artistic value associated with shadows, reflections and textures. You will be able to see for themselves how the difference is only in terms of the lighting of a photograph of the building architecture. Obviously taking pictures of a building with the proper lighting not only determined from how sunlight at the time, but also can be tricked with a long exposure of the camera. Another way that can be done, is to focus shooting by applying the difference exposure or highlights of the points the different buildings that make the images become more artistic.


Image capture should certainly be using the camera and lens There are various types of lens , those who will deliver quality results and a different angle shooting. For example, for the shooting of the architecture of this building, it would be better if it is done using a lens in the form of a wide angle lens or lens fish eye. With those  lens, the photographer of architecture will be able to cover wide eye wider so that it can take a picture of the overall architecture of the building and the surrounding environment. Although sometimes the building was too large to be taken, and you want to take it overall. then the way that can be taken is to use the panorama mode. Panorama mode a mode in camera to be able to combine the captures of photo from a sustainable landscape that it becomes an integral picture of the whole into one picture. Panorama mode is also now available in mobile phone cameras to provide shots in a wide angle though only with a cell phone camera.