In addition to providing photography services, we also provide photoshop course jakarta for those who want mastering photoshop. We hold this lesson because of the increasing number of people interested in the world of design and vied to make his own work. Our tutors are already accustomed to using Photoshop to do a lot of work, ranging from advertising, products, models, food, and more. Besides our tutors are also friendly, so the lesson will not be boring.

This Lesson applies to all people / profession, both individuals and companies (private or government). We apply workshop by made an appointment with our conductor.

Hopefully to bring your own laptop on the Lesson

For the cost of training that we give is equal with what you will get:

  • Private Exclusive : Rp.1.600.000 (1 supervisor, 1 participant)
  • Semi Private        : Rp.1.100.000 (1 supervisor, 2 participants)
  • Group                  : Rp 800,000 (1 supervisor, 3-6 participants)

For more info 089-6666-88089 (berry)

Our material in photoshop lesson:

Intruducing photoshop

  1. Learning photoshop
  2. learn the function of photoshop’s work-panels (panels, toolbars, etc.)
  3. file management

Knowing the important features:

  1. functions and masking layer
  2. adjust Lighting
  3. combine several photos into one

Fix an image:

  1. Selecting the area on an image to be edited or deleted which aims to remove or fix unwell object
  2. Making light effects more dramatic use a blend mode
  3. regulate the level and curve
  4. Set the tone colors in the image (saturation, contrast, hue , color balance)

Adjusting the focus and blur effects:

  1. Creating a blur as part of a photo using tilt shift lens or large lens
  2. Creating motion blur on the image looks as if the object moves fast

Fix the shape of an object:

  1. Set the distortion (convex / concave) on the image
  2. change the shape including the shape of the face, body and so on
  3. Eliminate noise / spots on the image
  4. Retouch face like a smooth face, remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, and brighten the eyes
  5. Balancing light dark (eg in landscape photos, darkening the sky that too bright)