Tips Before Order Photography Services for Food & Beverage in jointly helps you as a culinary business-owner to make a professional food or beverage product photography. We provide food photographer JakartaFood Photographer belong with a food stylist if necessary.

With more than 5 years of experience, we have helped business owners of catering / restaurant / food court/ franchise of food to make photos for food & beverage products with variety of needs such as:

  • Picture of food & beverage on menu
  • Photos for online advertising/promotion for the website
  • Photos for offline promotion 
  • such as leaflets brochures, etc.
  • Photos of food & beverage for purposes of restaurants franchise / catering business  profile

There are some easy tips that might help you as a client who wants to do a photo order for food products, to be together with us create good photographs, which are:

Right theme

There are various photos theme of food products that can be submitted. To be able to read the expectations of photo theme of food & beverage products that you expect, make sure you discuss the theme of photos you want together with our photographers. After that, the photographer can makes creation and develops the photos with photography techniques and proper equipment so that the results fit with what you expect.

Prepare the Supporting Accessories

Communicate to our photographer and food stylist about food equipment and others that should be included in the photo. These accessories among which are the tablecloth, spoon / fork / knife, table Background, Plate / bowl / glass, vase, raw food ingredients (vegetables, fruits, flour, spices)

Preparation of Food-Products

food or baverages that we want to promote should have been good prepared. When the shooting location is done in the studio photographer, we have to make make sure that the packing of products are neatly and securely so that the product is not damaged and can be presented properly when shooting.

So, for those of you who are planning to start a business of catering / culinary / diner / restaurant / food franchise, please contact us to get the the professional photos of food products. Remember that every professional food-product photos that you have invested attracts the hearts of hundreds and even thousands of potential customers to any time during the photo still pinned and published. As good as any dish you make, there is no meaning if the costumer does not try it yet  because you do not present the picture that looked delicious.