Food stylist Indonesia is part of the jasafotojakarta’s team, which acts as the highly proficient in managing and decorate various types of cuisine for the sake of shooting. Our team will be ready to help you -culinary business owner that want to cooperate with us as a photographer for your culinary products. Our Food-stylist will enhance the look of your culinary products so the results of product photos look attractive. There are many benefits you will get when using our services. One of them is the photo that we produce for you will surely become your culinary business investment. Why? The content/Photos of your order can be mounted whatever you want to and without any time limit.

Feel free to use the services of our team of food-stylist and food photographer because we offer other advantages besides quality output and satisfactory. Interested with the advantages that we offer to you? These are the information.

Professional Food-Stylist and Food-Photographer

We do not haphazardly recruit person as part of our team. All of our staff are professional staff in the field, including our team of food photographers and Food-stylist. Our Food stylist are those who have long been in the culinary  so that the experience can not be doubted. Likewise, our food photographer. There are already many clients who use our services.

We Provide You Photography Equipments

We provide photography equipment as needed. in culinary products photography is needed adequate equipment in order to look up shots.  culinary products Photo should be attractive and tempting anyone who saw it. Therefore, the object should be photographed from the right angle and distance. The equipment that we provide for the photo-shooting of culinary product are: Canon DSLR cameras, batteries for backup camera, reflector, tripod, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, portable flash, the background if required, camera lenses Canon, and specialized equipment for culinary products itself.

Our Food-stylists are Really Understand About Food

Our Food stylists are very familiar with the knowledge of the culinary. It later became a provision of them to arrange the dishes that will be photographed. Whatever the type of dish you will use as your culinary products will be organized in such a way to make it looks very tempting.

Food Stylist Jakarta

Our Team of Food-Stylist and Food-Photographer Ready To Go To Your Location

For the sake of customer satisfaction with our services, we also provide the best deals for you. our food stylist and photographer are ready to get to your location if you want a photo shoot done at home or in the place of your culinary business.

Fast Food-Styling Process

Besides the professional and experienced, our team of food photographers and food stylists can also work quickly. Our Food-stylist were not long in managing and beautify the look of your culinary products. Although work fast, the results that obtained still qualified.