Lately, photo services prewedding Jakarta easily to be found, especially in big cities like Jakarta. Jakarta pre-wedding photo services have greater competitive compared to other major cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, Jogjakarta, and so on. Competition occurs because the number of existing providers in the capital city of our country. Pre-wedding photo service providers creates new innovations in concepts offered at a variety of prices and certainly interesting for clients to use their services.

Today, Jakarta pre-wedding photo services are much in demand is the concept of photo outside the room, also called the outdoor photo session. Various concepts are often offered by service providers for pre-wedding photo. Below are examples of photo concept implemented ahead of the special event:

1. Back to nature

This concept attracted many couples of bride, this concept can be implemented out in the fields, plantations or flower garden. This concept also helps photographers on lighting (lighting aspects).

2. Carnival Parade

This concept usually takes place at the amusement park. Couples who choose this concept usually stay tinkering with the existing vehicle and the photographer would take the angle of the right moments so that more natural results by using long shoot.Technique

3. Go abroad

Concepts such should not really be taken abroad. Pre-wedding photo service providers can outsmart by finding a place similar to the cities abroad.

pre-wedding photo concepts above is the most favored by the bride. Jakarta Pre-wedding photo services usually also provide free consultation for those of you who are confused with the concept selection to be chosen so that the concept can be in accordance with the brides request and produce good pictures as mementos of a lifetime.