If we’re looking at a photo shoot in a TV show or in some tourist places, maybe we would be amazed as a model – a model that can show the versatility of body attractiveness and provide style or pose an interesting look. Actually, but actually there is a professional photographer as the key behind the flexibility of the model in posing on the camera. Our photographer directs models efficiently and quickly to provide maximum image results and also artistic. Here are some tips from our photographers in jasafotojakarta.com in model directing.

Direction Technique for Model’s Style

  1. The first thing that is usually done by professional model photographer Jakarta in jasafotojakarta.com.com is to steer the model in the right location with the best angle and lighting.This is the most important thing to do because by doing this, other techniques will be easier to do
  2. After directing the models to a place that has the angle and the perfect lighting, the photographer then directs the model to pose in accordance with the theme of the photo shoot.Whether it is the theme of oriental, western or natural. Western theme usually has a more daring pose, but still formal while natural theme is more focused to make the model look natural while oriental theme usually has pose a more simple but still elegant.
  3. After that professional photographers will lead the model to create a mimic accordance with the theme of the photo shoot. serious facial mimic, innocent face or sad face and a natural mimic.

All of the above is practiced by our professional photographers in jasafotojakarta.com so that it can produce the best pose for the picture. To order model photography. contact us and get our latest portofolio

To order a model photography, we offer 2 types of packages such as:

Photo Studio

Ourdoor photo session