Having a partner or lover heart is one of the best thing that we can get in this world. We will have someone to share the joy and sorrow that we ourselves do not have to feel lonely if there are obstacles and barriers that arise in our lives. Surely if we together with our partner, we certainly want the memories to be recalled until old age. We can capture the moment – important moments together with our partner or our lovers. Of course to be able to produce the best memories we require the services of romantic-photography in Jakarta so that the memories that we take will always be memorable for you and your partner.

The reason of using studio couple photography jakarta called ‘Romantic-photography’ on jasafotojakarta, Well, for who wants to do and take memorable photos while on vacation and walk with your partner the following are some of the reasons why the couple chose jasafotoJakarta photo services.

  1. When we are on holiday we certainly do not want to be troubled by taking the best angle and also must set the camera to be photographed together, yet again we have to determine the right place for background images as a couple, now with the service romantic photography you do not have to be troubled by all sorts of things The following services and let it handle everything and produce cute ,unique and romantic photos
  2. Our team in Romantic-photo service uses complete photographic equipment so that you can ask for any type of photo you want, we prepare anything in the session because the existing equipment already available as well as DSLR cameras, portable flash, reflectors, etc.
  3. You can choose any of concept in the photo with your couple by unique themes and different photo.In addition we provide choices whether photo session is at indoor or outdoor.
  4. We are equipped with experienced photographers in team who can understand the needs of you and your partner so as to direct the poses / style which is unique and funny.


Those are some reasons why you should choose the our service to capture your beautiful moments with your partner. make your beautiful and unforgettable moments with us., you can also see collection of photos on the internet and refer to us.