Siraman photography Jakarta

In a moment of the wedding there will be many previous processions that reflect indigenous Indonesian culture. For a wedding in a custom Java instance there will be some important procession of the wedding party before the event takes place. The procession procession include the event application, siraman, midodareni, marriage ceremony and the wedding procession ceremony itself. Of course you want the best service so that the photographer can produce the pictures of engagement party, tradition siraman and photo of  wedding procession with a high artistic value that gives the depth impression in a marriage. For traditional siraman particulary, there are tips and tricks of its own to make a memorable and artistic photo in tradition siraman. Here is the review.

Prepare the tradition siraman with mature

Before you begin to capture the moment the procession of tradition siraman, certainly, you have to plan carefully the implementation process of the event. Therefore, make sure that the preparation of the implementation of the procession of tradition siraman has been implemented well. The first thing that must be considered is the place of the event. It would be very good if the procession of tradition siraman held in a place surrounded by gardens with flowers and beautiful plants that will provide natural background scenery and soothing when the event being held. You also need to prepare a jug that will be broken when tradition siraman has been completed by the bride. In the core of this event, there are some things you need to prepare, among others, as well as flower setaman water used in siraman event to bathe the brides. The water used must have origin from seven different springs and places for Muslims one of these springs is usually zam zam water. In this procession will also be needed on the table as much as 2 pieces that will be used as a place to put the stuffs include kimono, fabrics, ramped ubo an towels.Choose the color matching of the stuffs to make it look harmonious. In the procession you will also need a splash of coconut shells are used as a scoop, klenting as the place of water flowers, as well as the catering table.

Shooting technique

Take a photo in siraman needs to have a trick and a certain angle so that the atmosphere becomes more visible and sacred wisdom. Be sure to take a close-up photo of the bride and groom are bathed in this spray event that would be more visible expression of the bride. This will make a splash procession becomes more meaningful to people who look back at the photo. Guests are also able to be involved in the photograph to make a photos atmosphere is more attractive.