Documentation video Creation Jakarta

Making video documentation is no longer only as an additional. Documentation either weddings or other family events are now a  necessity to be made. Video documentation  functions as a document in digital form. Hopefully, this document can later be viewed and played back at any time even when the owner has reached old age. For the sake of this, video creator service required.

The process of making a video documentation involves three important things those are shooting, editing and authoring. Not all video creation services are able to do three important things perfectly. Selecting a video creation service that is capable in shooting, editing as well authoring perfectly but . Using the services of a good video creation will ensure the quality of the digital documentation have good quality and durable.  costumers

Not only wedding party even routine activities such family gathering and  reunion can we make documentation. Not necessarily a big company with the scale of activities involving hundreds  of people, even  big family consisting a couple or relatives can use the video creation services such as those offered . Documentation of the event will be made in accordance with your wishes and certainly good quality.

Our eqipments

The process of taking pictures is an important part before editing. Shooting process will determine the quality of the digital documentation that you make. Good shots must be performed by qualified cameras and techniques.  video creation service using DSLR camera with quality video recording. DSLR cameras have full HD support which ensures the quality of pictures taken. So that the final documentation that you get will be satisfying.

In addition to using a camera with specifications that capable to take pictures,   team  also have trained in shooting. Mastery of shooting technique is imperative that the team has. You do not have to worry about video documentation that your ordered. Jasafotojakarta team will ensure the best produce documentation according to what you want.

Process of making

The process of making a video made by  is different from amateur video creation  services. Not only prioritize the process of shooting but also do editing. The process of editing would be done to make pictures taken worth seeing. In the process of editing the picture quality, sound and color correction is done. Pictures of the event that has taken by   team will have a process of good editing so it will be worthy of being your own digital documentation.

Results of the documentation

The last process of the images that have been taken by our team  is authoring. Authoring process is the final result of the video-making  to the media that you want. Results of this documentation can be burned into a CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc in accordance with your request. Through the process of authoring, you can enjoy re-play the events that you had. You can also replay any scenes from the video that picked up by our team.