Photography activity gets happening especially in the big cities. In Jakarta, for example, photography activity has inspired the appearance of many kinds of Jakarta photography community. The community becomes a medium for photographer to communicate among photographers. The photographers also can gain feedback, suggestions, and motivational critiques in that Jakarta photography community. So, what are the photography communities in Jakarta? Here are some kinds of communities having many members of photographer?

Morning Class of Anton Ismael Jakarta Photography

Photography recently is being a trend and so phenomenal especially in Jakarta. There are many people including olds, young, and even babies taking a photography activity. They often do it to be both an object and subject. Many of them are taking photography to be an art activity but most of them get involved in this photography flow to follow a happening trend only. Many people are bringing canon camera on the streets or green opened areas in Jakarta for photography. This surely shows a big interest in photography. Morning class photography community becomes the largest community in Jakarta empowered by Anton Ismael. You can learn about photography world freely at morning. It is possibly changing information with Jakarta photographers joining in this community. This community is much liked because it facilities members to upload their photos on the social media.


Another Jakarta photography community is Instanusantara. It can be said to be the largest photography based on Instagram community in Jakarta. Professional photographers are competing to take the best photos with the right lighting in order to create satisfying photography result.  After that, those photos are uploaded to the official account of Instanusantara. This photography community in Jakarta is often conducted routinely to take potential photographers and photography lovers.

National Geographic Indonesia Online

NGI Online is Jakarta photography community that is officially being the place to discuss and interact in order to manage photography in Jakarta. You can interact, communicate, and introduce to every photographer being a member of NGI online. The discussion of photography can be found in this community. You can know on how to capture photos with the right angle of photos and fit lighting in this community.


In addition to some above Jakarta photography communities, Indografer also becomes a recommended photography community in Jakarta. Photographers can discuss with the others related methods and techniques in photography. They also can give suggestions and comments on captured photos of every photographer. Of course, it helps you to gain great feedback in this community.


Jakarta photography community namely Id-Photographer is a place for photographers to communicate and share knowledge among them. The purpose is to make amateur photographers able to get right techniques and methods in involving in photography activity. You can know lighting, angle, camera, and procedures of photography. There is no limitation of photographer’s age to join in this community. But, you have to register online first.