professional photography services in Jakarta is quite a lot, unfortunately not all of the photography services provide affordable prices. That’s why we were as the one photography service in Jakarta that combines both. We make it easy for you to choose whether our professional team to come to your location or you can visit our studio, for both your personal needs as well as to profile of business or product you are selling.


Planning 80%
Scheduling 70%
Photography 85%
Photo Editing 85%
Price 80%

In the era of the digital world today, the perception of the quality of the products you are selling is no longer only determined by your product packaging. Ease of access to information via the Internet from a smartphone is the way for your potential costumers to SEE PHOTOS OF YOUR PRODUCT FROM YOUR WEBSITE  before seeing its packaging or original physical form of the product.

People Judge the Book By Its Cover!”

Don’t judge the book by its Cover is Bullshit!

Do Believe, that most of your customers certainly can make the perception of what they see in advance of your product photos. The more professional photos of your products then you can make the impression of a good quality of the products you are selling it in the eyes of potential consumers.

Our management in Jasafotojakarta.com provides products-photographers that can help you and your business to improve the appearance of the products you are selling so that it looks professional, so her it can leverages the sales.


Event’s Photographer package that we provide in Jasafotojakarta.com is one solution for those who want to find a photographer to capturing moment for various type of events that you hold. Please contact us to make a reservation, and provide information for us in the form of the theme of the event, date, event rundown, and the moments that are important to be photographed. We shall immediately schedule and send our portfolio.

In the event’s photographer package we also provide some of packets for other services such as:

– Birthday Photographer in Jakarta

– Party Photographer in Jakarta

– PreWedding Photography


We provide freelance photographers who can you pay daily for more specific purposes. Photo session is done in hours (not including transport to the location). The equipment we provide are CANON DSLR Camera, Lighting, Diffuser, lenses, and several other photo accessories.

Other photography services

Contact us and get our latest portfolio

Jasafotojakarta.com provides good photo results that you need. If you want to capture a wedding, birthday party or other moments, our professional team is ready to come to your place.

Contact us, so we can help to find a solution for your photography needs. 

In addition, you can use our services to photograph food products or other products that will be sold in your online store. We have provided service such as foods photo, shoes, women/men accessories, as well as other product photos. We make it easy on you for doing business as well as documentation of special event in your life.

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