who needs this service ?

Documentation services Package that we provide in Jasafotojakarta.com is one solution for those of you who want to find a photographer and videographer to capture all types of  events to your personal needs such as:

–           Documentation birthdays

–           Sweet seventeen events Documentation

–           Family picnic documentation

–           Family outbond Documentation

–           Documentation for family outing

–           Documentation for engagement event

–           Documentation procession of the ceremony

–           Weddings Documentation

Addition to personal needs, we also provide documentation for the event / events organized for the publicity company / business / organization and your community such as:

–           Documentation for Company Seminar

–           The Company’s CSR event documentation

–           Documentation event organized by community / organization

–           And documentation of other events held by the company / organization / your community

Services Realization Process

First of all, please contact us beforehand to explain your various needs related event you are held. This information is important because with the different types of events that may be a consideration for us in selecting a photographer is more suitable for the type event and experience.

Send description of your photography needs and we will send our portfolio of services surrounding the event photography to your email for your review. Do not forget to send some of photos that you think are good to us so that we can assess the level of image quality you expect.

If you are sure to partner with jasafotojakarta.com, you can invite our Photographer to your location when necessary to further discuss the operational details and timeline of events in order to show a more complete preparation and reduce miss coordination on the day of the event.

Our team scheduled to arrive 30 minutes prior to the commencement of activities to prepare the camera settings, lighting placement in a strategic location, etc.

After the event finishes give time to us to undergo a sort / sort photos, photo discard poor quality and do photo editing so it looks professional.

Information we need

Tell us about the following information and we can send the cost required to to you:


  • kind Info of event / events

  • date of event / events

  • the needs of photographers

  • rundown of the show (let us know about moments that are important to be photographed / documented )

Equipment that we provide

We use complete equipment such as cleaning sets, Canon camera ,lenses,etc, if you want us to use the indoor photo studio lighting using a black background and white if necessary . But if you want to capture the image on the outside, we use equipment such as portable flash and reflector.

Equipment we carry depends on your needs and the level of influence the budget needs to be allocated to the event photo services. Here are examples of equipment that we provide: Canon DSLR Camera, Backup Camera Battery, Reflector, Tripod, with softbox Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting with softbox , Portable Flash, Background black / white, Canon lenses, and other equipment

Manpower that we provide

Manpower that we provide can be customized with your request.

–          1 to 2 Photographers (can be more, depending on request),

–          Assistant Photographer

services package Output

The results can we provide for these services include:

–          All the JPEG version of the image / JPG and RAW

–          Print the images (by request)

–          Print with frame (by request)

–          Free Photo editing for a couple of photos, the rest can be edited by request

We were ready to go to your location around Jakarta

To select the best photo and video documentation service, we provide an offer for all your needs. We are a service provider that can do best documentation  for your business purposes as well as other events. Even if you hold an event at home, our team of professional photographer ready to come to immortalize the event / event. Besides, if you want to capture the pre-wedding photos or other photo you can come to our studio.