PHOTO & VIDEO SERVICES FOR OUTBOND / TEAM BUILDING Jakarta will help you capture the moment in a unique moment of fun and team building activities as well as your outbound. Shooting techniques in a team photo this building will have a great influence on a result of the photo documentation of outbound and team building. You will clearly see how an activity that is the same from the same place would have a different impression when the photograph was taken from a different angle. Lighting levels and composition will also greatly affect how the end result of a photograph on an event. Here are some important things that will affect the impression one gets from a photograph documenting the outbound or team building event.


Outbound or team building will include the participation of many people usually can include employees of an office, a student of a school or participants of an organization as well as scholarships. This makes the arrangement and composition of the people who entered into the picture frame will determine how the artistic value and the impression that you get from a photograph. The result would have been different impression from a photograph in the form of a group photo with the impression that the results obtained from a photograph that only perpetuate one person.

Sensitivity of the moment

one thing that makes Photos & Video documentation of Team Building / outbound becomes very important because of the many moments of unexpected moments that occur in these activities. In an event outbound activities, then the photographer would be required to always be sensitive to the moment of moments for anything that might arise. So every special or unique and funny moments that occur in these activities can be enshrined well. When we see the results of this documentation either –video or pictures back, it can restore the memories of fun and exciting to participants when they undergo the outbound activities. Photos of this moment is also often the case that would make the participants more aware of a moment that initially looks normal but when immortalized in the form of photos and videos becomes more noticeable unique and special.

Face expression

face expressions show how the mood of the people who follow the outbound and team building. Face expressions, those who look from the outside will know and be able to guess whether the event really successful with memories that impressive for the participants or not. Therefore, the photographer is also responsible to capture the moment of this important moment and to capture the face expressions of the participants in the outbound.