It is easy to look for a Jakarta furniture photographer. Everybody loves taking pictures and most of them are happy to see the results—beautiful photos and lovable moments in frames. However, to discover someone who has the capability in the field and understand well about things and stuffs of photography is hard to do. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We, the team, are ready to help you if you are currently running a furniture business. We are really professional and know what to do. With adequate photographic equipment, we would like to capture your valuable products. Don’t worry about the prices. Clients do not need to spend much money since prices we offer are affordable.

Why you need to take pictures of furniture pieces?

Now we are living in the era where information and technology grow faster. Almost everybody, even they are kids or adults, own a smartphone that has been equipped with sophisticated features, including features and applications to access internet and social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Path, etc., are the instances of social media that have gained popularity among the society. If you are smart and wise, this situation is really favorable especially when you are about to use digital marketing strategy. This becomes one of reasons why professional photo services are needed. They are able to produce high quality images that would captivate audiences. It sounds cliché, indeed but a picture is seen as a bridge for audiences to see a product in details before purchasing. It would be perfect if an image can grab audiences’ attention since they would be more curious and use some ways to find out more about your business and what you are offering.

Why choose

Like buying a book, it must be the cover we are giving more attention. If the cover does not successfully steal your heart, likely will be placed just like that. It does apply to pictures or images. A good picture must be able to draw audiences’ attention and elevate their interest. With professional attitude that we always uphold, has greater knowledge in this field. Plus we own special lens to do product photography. The final result can enhance the value of your products. You will be given elegant and detailed pictures.

How to book?

·                     Find our contact in Contact page and call us by phone and email. We call you back later to get further information about your order.

·                     Our team works based on two requests; take photos at our studio and capture images at your location. If you choose to have us taking photos at your location, then you must send your location and order in details to achieve the price agreement.

·                     After the location is determined, our time will directly go to your location and work there, surely by paying attention to photo schedule. Prepare your products right after receiving the schedule.

·                     Together with our team, you are expected to choose and remove photos which are not good.

·                     You will be involved in editing process to acquire perfect results.