Photographer is a person having special ability in taking objects to change to be the form of photo. In Indonesia, there are some famous photographers enriching knowledge in photography. The most popular photographer in jakarta are able to produce the high quality and satisfying photos. Of course, they gain high fee and cost for their own photography result. Here are ten popular Indonesian photographers.

Andreas Darwis Triadi

Andreas Darwis Triadi becomes a famously experienced in Indonesia. Darwis Triadi started his potention in photography since 1979. His ability as senior photographer actually cannot be debated anymore. His achievement is that he was able to show his photography work in annual magazine of Hasselblad.

Stanley Allan

Stanley Allan is a popular wedding photographer in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. Stanley has got carrier in photography since 1997 and get developing rapidly recently. Stanley’s special ability is wedding photography.

Jimmy Iskandar                                                                      

Jimmy Iskandar seems to sound familiarly on Indonesia photography. Jimmy is a main actor in the era of black and white photos, colorful photos, and digital photos. His experience in photography cannot be ignored anymore. He was successful to capture five Indonesia presidents from era of Soeharto to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He also became an official photographer of KTT Non Blok 10 some years ago.

Marsio Juwono

One of the other popular Indonesian photographers is Marsio Juwono. This photographer is also the most popular one in Indoneisa. Marsio started his carrier on photography since 2002.

Jacky Suharto

In addition to Stanley Allan in wedding photography, Jacky Suharto also becomes a wedding photographer. Jacky is very close to the photography of prewedding in Jakarta. He begun his carrier in photography since 2000 making him to be the commercial and famous photographer in Indonesia.

Rio Photography

Rio photography is another famous Indonesian photographer for some specializations including pre wedding, wedding, birth photos, pregnancy, family, and many more. He becomes the first choice of Indonesian’s celebrities.

Diera Bachir

Diera Bachir is still newcomer in Indonesia photography. This female photographer is famous for the photo capture on pre wedding. Showing a romantic impression becomes her typical feature of her photos.

Rossie Hardy

This female photographer is getting well known and considered in Indonesia photography. She is trusted to handle album package of Maroon 5, Elle magazines, and X Factor UK.

Nicoline Patricia Malina

This female photographer also becomes the popular one in Indonesia but she was well known in Netherlands. She begun a carrier in Indonesia since 2008 and directly handled some commercial products.

Andra Alodita

Andra Alodita gets to be one of popular Indonesian photographers. Andra is known to be a photographer of wedding, fashion, and backstage fashion in Indonesia.