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Nowadays, one of the most popular dream jobs is photographer. Many people want to be a professional photographer. However, having a hobby like taking pictures, or having a Canon DSLR camera and like to take pictures of this and that cannot make you a photographer. It is not that easy to be a photographer. It takes knowledge of photography, trainings, and continuous practices to have photography skills.

Those who want to be a photographer are suggested to take a course or study at a photography school. This is good to gain skills and knowledge about photography. After graduating and having a constant and continuous trainings and practices, you may try your best to make money from your skill by offering documentation service such as wedding ceremonies, engagement parties, pre-wedding, birthday parties, companies’ seminars, family picnics, etc. If you like to make money by helping people with documents in those kinds of moments, you can be a commercial photographer and professional at the same time. Here is the guidance below to be a professional commercial photographer.

How to be a professional commercial photographer Jakarta:

  • Be a specialist. Having a specialization in a commercial photography is a must. For instance, if you choose to be a photographer of wedding ceremonies and receptions, be the specialist. Keep practicing to take photos of wedding ceremonies and receptions in every detail and every angle in accordance with the rundown of the wedding events. For example, take a photo of the couple when they put a wedding ring on each other’s ring finger, when the couple kiss each other, when they hug their parents, famous people coming to their wedding, etc. Keep doing this until you get the best photos of them. After that, make a portfolio as a great wedding photographer. The portfolio you make can be like a history of people’s wedding in beautiful pictures or online. This is such a good way for you to promote yourself as a professional wedding photographer. Don’t forget to have business card to distribute to prospective clients.
  • Learn about marketing and business. This is good to develop your photography business. However, you have to focus more on the photography not on the business. If you have co-commercial photographers, make them become a great commercial photographer like you are.
  • Own and learn well about photography equipment to make your work run well. You cannot only know about camera setting, but also you have to know well about lighting, like how to use soft-box for indoor and outdoor lighting, know well about how to place reflectors, be good in setting tripods in order to be able to take photos in the desired angles, know well about how and when to use portable flash, etc.
  • If you haven’t had enough money to buy photography equipment, don’t worry too much. You just have to practice a lot. Remember, those kinds of equipment are only things to help you. You have to practice taking photos wholeheartedly in order to have beautiful and interesting photos to enjoy.
  • Be positive in attitude. If you are persistent, hard-working, and optimistic you will become a great professional commercial photographer for sure. Being not too idealistic is also a positive attitude you need to have. For example, if your wedding photography business is slow, take the offering to be a photographer in other kind of field, like fashion or others. Remember, you are a commercial photographer, right? So, it’s okay to do that, then.

What do you think? Don’t you think it’s interesting to be a professional commercial photographer? To those wanting to be a photographer because of your taking-picture hobby, register yourselves in photography schools right away. Good Luck!